Spray Sprinklers

The standard sprinklers used to provide fire control for a wide range of fire hazards.

Residential Sprinklers

Fast-response sprinklers used for protection against the fire hazards typically found in dwelling units. Residential sprinklers have individual listings specifying maximum coverage area, and minimum flow and pressure.

Residential Pendants

Large Drop Sprinklers

Sprinklers capable of producing characteristic large water droplets and used to provide fire control of specific high challenge fire hazards.

Open Sprinklers

Sprinklers from which the heat responsive actuating elements have been removed. These sprinklers are used on deluge systems.

Corrosion consolidated loan calculator Resistant Sprinklers

Sprinklers fabricated with corrosion-resistant material or with special coatings or instantloans plating’s to be used in atmospheres that would normally corrode sprinklers.

Rack Storage loans no credit check direct lenders Sprinklers

Sprinklers equipped with internal shields to protect their operating elements from the discharge of sprinklers installed at higher elevations.

Quick Response Sprinklers

Fast response spray sprinklers

Concealed Sprinklers

Recessed sprinklers with cover plates. These heads have standard White or Chrome covers however they may be fitted with a painted cover short term loans for students uk from the factory to meet certain architectural specifications.  A set up fee is usually required and additional lead time should be taken into account.  Painting covers on site is not allowed and will cause the sprinkler head not to function as designed.  Painted covers must come from the manufacturer.